KnapNok Games ApS (Copenhagen Game Productions ApS) has experience with developing games for social and physical digital game platforms such as: Wii U™, Microsoft Xbox Kinect, smartphones, and PC.

Since our existence, we have been mostly working on developing games for new interfaces. We haven’t settled for one genre or platform but rather made an effort of exploring the potential of new and novel interfaces.

Our vision is to establish Knapnok Games as a small innovative studio expert in creating rich and engaging games for new and nontraditional interfaces and input devices.

The team recognizes large market potential for physical digital games designed for social contexts that makes the players the center of attention rather than the TV screen. Therefore, we are continuously experimenting and iterating on multiple interaction and gameplay approaches for physical interfaces.

The core team of KnapNok Games are also members of the award-winning game design collective Copenhagen Game Collective. The idea of the creative hub involves building an organization capable of collaborating with a vast number of talented external partners on exciting novel projects. The collective is a tight network of different companies, non-commercial projects, and creative individuals, which all enjoy the synergy, inspiration and potential attention of working in something “more” than a company. Occasionally, we also contribute to the collective blog.

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