Paint Splash

Paint Splash started out as an unofficial Wii painting program, made by Uffe Flarup, a computer programmer and father of three, to his own kids. Back then it was called Kidspaint, and he put it up for free download on his website. It has been downloadet more than 50,000 times since then, and now the time has come to turn it into an official Nintendo Wii release approved by Nintendo.
Seeing the success of the program, we teamed up with Uffe Flarup to officially bring the game to the console. The visual style is spiced up and new soundtrack has been developed, this unique Wii painting experience is now available for everyone to try out.

Paint Splash is the name of the official Nintendo approved version, which features fancy graphics, updated music and sound effects, but still remains the basic fun of allowing up to four people paint on the same painting at the same time. For the small kids there’s even a ‘baby mode’ which is much easier to use.
If you have a SD memory card in your Wii you can save your paintings onto the SD card, and transfer them to your desktop or laptop computer, where you can email the paintings to the kids grandparents or use the paintings as desktop background.

Available now at Nintendo WiiWare for 500 Nintendo Points.

Visit the official Paint Splash website:

US release date: September 8, 2011

EU release date: December 15, 2011


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Uffe Flarup – Programmer

Simon Nielsen – Graphics Artist

Nicklas Schmidt – Sound Artist

Dajana Dimovska – Producer

Special thanks to Nils Deneken, Aurelie Claudel, Koen Rijnsent, Miguel Sicart and Alessandro Coronas for helping us with translations.

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