Panzer Geekz

“Panzer Geekz” (iOS) is a physics-based puzzle race, with inspiration from Bowling, Minigolf and DESTRUCTION!

Wind up your EPIC Sherman toy-tank and race it through a table-top model of occupied France, while bulldozing everything in your path – TO THE MAX.

SMASH into scenery, sheep and German plastic soldiers to get speed boosts and extra points -but please avoid the French civilians.

Do strikes for EXTREEEME scores and get to the flag as fast as possible – YOU GOT THAT SOLDIER?


- Free roaming 3D racing game with destruction and physics. Smash into stuff and see it fly like bowling pins, to satisfy the “destructor within”.
Coming out soon. Stay tuned!

- Action packed racing, with short turn-based intermezzos, excites while still leaving natural pauses => fits the typical gameplay context of iOS games.

- Humor is present at all times, from the exaggerated animated Geek responses, to the many VO comments referring to popular sci-fi and nerd culture.

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