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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Q1, 2015

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Enjoy all the thrills and excitement of space exploration on a budget? Uexplore brings you affordable space adventures without compromising comfort, fun and safety. Our newest Small Craft (TM) line with its intuitive and simple Heads Down Display technology offers all the functionality and flexibility of the Heads Up Displays installed in more expensive space ships, but at a fraction of the price.


Affordable Space Adventures is a collaboration between Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren (Knytt Underground, Nightsky) and KnapNok Games (Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party). We are merging Nifflas' passion for making atmospheric exploration and mind-bending puzzles with KnapNok Games' dedication to work with weird new interfaces and an eye for what is happening in front of the TV. Nifflas (Sweden) has been working in the KnapNok Games offices (Denmark) since the summer 2013 realizing Affordable Space Adventures. The game is supported by the Danish Film Institute.


  • Suspenseful stealth puzzling: How do you configure and control the system so you don’t get seen, heard or otherwise detected?
  • Experience thrills, spookiness and beautiful areas of the world crafted and designed by Swedish indie game developer “Nifflas”.
  • Multiple difficulty levels ranging from family friendly to extremely complex.
  • Play with your friends and control the ship together or take on the challenge alone.
  • A game that truly utilizes the potential of the Wii U hardware.


Affordable Space Adventures Gamescom 2014 Teaser YouTube

Affordable Space Adventures Nintendo Treehouse @E3 Demo YouTube

Affordable Space Adventures E3 2014 Teaser YouTube

Affordable Space Adventures GDC 2014 Teaser YouTube, Vimeo

Affordable Space Adventures GDC 2014 Demo YouTube

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      About KnapNok Games

      KnapNok Games has experience with developing games for social and physical digital game platforms such as: Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Microsoft Xbox Kinect, smartphones, and PC. Since its existence, Knapnok Games has worked on developing games for new interfaces. They haven’t settled for one genre or platform but rather made an effort of exploring the potential of new and novel interfaces. Examples of their developed games are: award winning party game B.U.T.T.O.N. for Steam and XBLIG, WiiWare game Paint Plash, Kinect demo Slowmo Showdown, eShop Wii U game Spin the Bottle, etc. Knapnok Games’ vision is to establish itself as a small innovative studio expert in creating rich and engaging games for new and nontraditional interfaces and input devices. The team recognizes large market potential for physical digital games designed for social contexts that makes the players the center of attention rather than the TV screen. Therefore, they are continuously experimenting and iterating on multiple interaction and gameplay approaches for physical interfaces.

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      Affordable Space Adventures Credits

      Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren
      Game design, graphic design, audio design, music and programming, Nifflas

      Dajana Dimovska,
      Producer, KnapNok Games

      Simon Nielsen
      Artist, KnapNok Games

      Casper Petersen
      Artist, KnapNok Games

      Lau Korsgaard
      Game Design, KnapNok Games

      Kayode Shonibare-Lewis
      Assistant Game Design, KnapNok Games

      Heino Jørgensen
      Programmer, KnapNok Games

      Sebbe Selvig
      Programmer, KnapNok Games

      Jonas Haxø
      Video and 2D Artists

      Sidsel Hermansen
      Audio Designer

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