Slowmo Showdown

Slowmo Showdown is a slow-motion dueling game for Microsoft Kinect. Set in a punk Sci-fi action trope world to the beat of pulsating electronic music, players fight each other by shooting laser beams from their palms and dodge the attacks in true Matrix style.
Each game is a short round of dueling between two procedurally generated characters. When a round is over another duel starts. That’s it! Physical games for motion controls shouldn’t be more elaborate.

A Kinect Game Done Right

Player’s true body position is tracked and matters in the game: crouch, stretch, stand on one leg or do cool poses in order to evade attacks. The “depth” of Slowmo Showdown does not stem from complicated gestures or special combos but from the sheer physicality of balance, movement and shooting. Experienced players can make “curve” shots by manipulating angular velocity by their shooting hand.

The Social Context

Slowmo Showdown is designed for social contexts. The spectacle the players are creating, their act and performance is just as important as the action on screen. Jumping in and out of games is easy and barrier less. Players can hot-join any single player game and exit again if they want to without breaking the flow of the game. These qualities and the musical dancelike experience make the game ideal for party settings.

Badass Style

The universe, visual design and music score underline a thick unique style of the game. The keywords is badass, and the elements are presented “just enough” to let the players and the audience fill in the blanks. The gameplay is closely orchestrated to the action packed slow motion feel of dubstep music. Players co-create the soundtrack where every shot, dodge, and hit is part of the rhythmic experience.

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