In early 2010, we received support from the Danish Film Institute’s New Danish Screen program and developed a Wii demo for our game concept Tryl: Videogame of the Future (formerly known as Face-off in the Magic Circle).

The project is right now on hold because our other projects have been receiving more attention and the market of motion controlled games has undergone a huge development since we started production. We are ready to pick up on what we learned and developed later, either for the Wii or another platform.

Here is a brief description of the game:

“The year is 1983.

A kid – the Kid – sneaks into the backroom of the local arcade and discovers a secret 3D videogame from the future(!), played by waving a virtual reality wand controller – wow!

But suddenly the machine emits a blinding light and the Kid is inexplicably transported into the game, into the wacky magical world of Tryl! Under the tutelage of Magic Jönsson, the legendary Swedish basketball-star-turned-magician, the Kid sets off to defeat the evil wizard Kalpa and make things right…”

Tryl: Videogame of the Future is a multi-player spell dueling game designed for the physical game controllers. The game lets players sling spells at one another in a game of dexterity and strategy. Using their controller as a wand, players draw fluid, emergent gestures – in their own personal style – to charge up spells of different magic types.

But unlike many other gestural console games, Tryl pushes players to look at each other, rather than at the screen. To succeed, players must “read” their opponent and time their spells carefully.

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